Cold appetizers on the anniversary table

Cold appetizers on the anniversary table. Delicious snacks on the festive table: recipes with photos.

Thus, the assortment of snacks is very wide and it is simply impossible to list all the dishes related to snacks.

As a rule, they serve to whet the appetite or are a snack to alcoholic beverages. In addition, a snack can be a snack between meals.

The history of appetizers is directly related to the Russian table, where pickles, pickled and pickled vegetables, cranberries, rutabaga and ashberries were served as a pre-main dish. But it was a menu of commoners, while the boyars snacks were much more modest – delicious milk pigs with horseradish, black and red caviar, homemade smoked sausages, simple aspic, jelly and various aspic – all this was served just before the main course. and was snacks, that is, a light snack.

The history of appetizers as we see them now began in Russia from the 18th century. Until that time, a cold breakfast was served as a snack, served at home from the food left over from dinner. Due to this, many cold dishes of Russian cuisine, in particular, all kinds of pickles and smoked products became known as snacks. Besides the snack meant any product which should be used in a bite to something.

Snacks in a more familiar – less satisfying – form for us appeared at the beginning of the 18th century in Europe, where it was very fashionable to replace the main dishes with original eateries prepared in a hurry. It is believed that it was the first time when the buffet and snacks originated for the buffet, where the same ingredients are decorated as in the main dishes – meat, fish, root vegetables, cheese and fruit – but in a more compact version or, as it is also called, buffet style.

The greatest variety of such dishes is noted in Russian cookery, although they are present in the cookery of many other countries. For example, in the UK, appetizer is called appetizer, in France – hors d “oeuvres, in Greece – meze, in Spain – tapas, in Italy – antipasto, in the Arab world – mazza. The list of countries, of course, is not limited to this, it is much wider.

An interesting fact from the history of appetizers relates to this type of dish in Sweden, or rather its presentation. So as a snack used bread and all that goes with it. At the same time, this food was called smörgåsbord, which literally means a sandwich table. So, this snack was served in the room preceding the dining room. Everyone, on the way to the dining room, had to treat themselves to a tasty sandwich and only then start the main meal.

They served snacks, usually 2-3 hours before the main meal. The description of the dishes that were served in their capacity deserves a separate independent article. Subsequently, the time for serving snacks more and more approached the main meal, and, subsequently, became its integral part. As for the variety of dishes, it only became richer. Therefore, today it is not surprising that several different snacks on the table become a full-fledged lunch or dinner.

Details of the characteristics of snacks will be discussed in subsequent sections of this article.

Types of snacks and their classification

There are dozens of types of snacks, and we will try to introduce you to the main ones. The main classification feature for this dish is its product base. Thus, snacks can be mushroom, vegetable, fruit, meat, sausage, cheese, fish, as well as consisting of seafood, as well as some other food products. Such diversity predetermines the way of culinary processing of raw materials. So in the process of cooking, snacks can, as not be exposed, and be subjected to heat treatment (snack foods can be boiled, fried, baked in the oven or in other modern kitchen appliances). That is why when serving snacks can be cold, warm or hot.

Snacks are divided and by type of filing. So, it can be (small sandwiches impaled on skewers or toothpicks), original salads in small tartlets (baskets), rolls, pieces of unsweetened cakes, crackers or slices of bread with spreading, snacks served on spoons, snacks in the form of balls, all kinds of cuttings ( sausage, fish, cheese, fruit, vegetable) and many others.

The classification of snacks also depends on the water according to which they are prepared. So they can be everyday , cooked at home as a snack for work or on the road. As a rule, it is all sorts of sandwiches. Also emit festive snacks. . They are prepared for various holidays, such as a birthday (including anniversary), New Year, March 8, and many others. For the Valentine’s Day, special romantic snacks, decorated in the form of hearts, are prepared. They can be both sweet and savory. However, almost all festive snacks are decorated in a special way. Interesting in this regard are snacks for children’s birthday or any other children’s holidays. For children, they are decorated in the form of fabulous and animated characters, they turn into something truly fantastic. A special subspecies of festive snacks is snacks for a company of guests to a party. They can be the most diverse, but, as a rule, are quite simple in design. By the way, most often these are dishes intended as a supplement to any alcoholic beverage. Consider the melon view of snacks in more detail.

Spirits for strong alcoholic drinks:

  • for vodka – all kinds of pickles (pickled or pickled cucumbers and sauerkraut, canned watermelons, etc.), cold cuts, incl. lard, fish in any form, but mostly salty;
  • whiskey – a snack is different depending on the variety of this noble drink, for example, soft cheeses, smoked salmon, roasted duck or neutral sushi and rolls to taste are suitable for light fruit whiskey, various desserts can be served for sweet fruit whiskey seafood should be served, salty whiskey is served with sausages, ham, rolls and sushi, but smoked meat and fish, blue cheese will be the best snack for the strongest whiskeys;
  • cognac – fruit and cheese cuts, pies, veal, seafood, as well as some chocolate desserts and chocolate itself are suitable as snacks.

Snacks for weak alcoholic beverages:

  • for wine – red wine is combined with bright in flavor appetizers, especially with red meat and fine hard cheeses, while the delicate taste of white wine is best emphasized by fish and seafood, but if red or white wine is semi-sweet, then You can serve a dessert with a delicate sweet fruit flavor;
  • cocktails are wonderful, and you can even say perfect, snacks are canapés, unless of course we are talking about sweet long drinks, which you can not eat at all;
  • martinis – traditionally, fruit or berries are served as an appetizer, as well as olives and olives strung on skewers, a rather tasty combination is obtained with salty crackers and cheese, besides seafood snacks (fish and seafood) can be served to martinis;
  • for beer – they serve, as a rule, hearty and original snacks according to taste characteristics, these can be, for example, spicy chicken wings, besides crisp croutons (with or without additives), as well as dried or dried meat, are combined well with this drink , seafood, besides excellent beer snack – assorted nuts;
  • for champagne – the traditional snacks are fruits, cheeses, canapes, they should be light, with a delicate flavor, but pronounced sweet snacks for sparkling wine do not fit perfectly.

Everyone can allow himself to make a snack, because this dish can be expensive and quite budget and modest. This is the kind of food that will radically change any table – everyday or festive. Just snacks allow you to discover new horizons for the use of seemingly familiar products. Because a dozen other recipes must be in the store of any hostess.

Cooking technology and the secrets of various recipes

The technology of preparing snacks at home, and in other conditions, cannot be reduced to any compact list of recommendations, because, as we found out earlier, there are dozens of types of snacks. In this case, you can make a snack from almost any product. Meat, fish, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits – have their own peculiarities of processing. That is why we suggest you to get acquainted with the features of cooking this or that snack directly in the selected recipe. In addition to the specific guide to action described by the text, step by step photos are present in each recipe. Thanks to detailed photos of the cooking process, you will not have a single question unanswered. Not a secret of how to make this or that snack really tasty will hide!

How to decorate (design)?

Decorating a snack is perhaps the most interesting part of the cooking process. The most interesting, but, nevertheless, not the most simple. However, we will help you in the issue of registration. The pictures below will show the most interesting decoration options for common snacks. Get inspired and bring the cooking recipes and appetizers to perfection!

Summing up …

Whatever the reason for cooking snacks, our recipes will help you in their preparation. Text recipe recommendations are accompanied by step-by-step photos, which means that not a single nuance will escape you.

In this section you will definitely find an original and tasty snack that can become your signature dish!

With the first tasting of dried lard there are two options for the development of events: either you will immediately fall in love with it and simply cannot live without it, or you will remain completely indifferent. And if you belong to the first option, then we have a wonderful and simple recipe for salting the most delicate pork undercook. In addition to a set of essential spices, we also add to the pickling one completely secret ingredient.

2154 0 131400 min. 1 person

We present to your attention a delicious snack that we offer to prepare for the winter from zucchini and pineapple juice. Although the first component is a vegetable, it is very easy to make a sweet treat out of it. Go inside this photo recipe, and you will see this statement personally. Thanks to this unique recipe from squash pieces you get an amazing delicacy, which is very similar to pineapple.

2782 0 40 min. 1 person

Have you ever tried chebureks with pumpkin? Can you imagine such a combination of tastes? Agree, at first glance it seems that this is simply impossible. However, our pasties will not even be pasties at all, but real Chechen tortillas. Hingalash cooked with a variety of tastes and fillings, pumpkin is one of them. The dish will turn out quite unusual, and still very tasty, juicy and tender.

1486 0 60 min. 15 people

From a small amount of cottage cheese, sour cream and greens, as well as fresh green cucumber, you can make amazingly simple and delicious pasta. Such pasta is called wild garlic and refers to traditional Chechen cuisine. This semblance of pate is prepared in literally 10 minutes and is used as a snack. Ramson can be spread on bread or serve with meat. Thanks to her taste, she will refresh the composition of any dish.

892 0 10 min. 10 people

Not far off a feast or buffet? You do not know how to diversify the menu and how to surprise the guests? Serve delicious, light and elegant snacks for the festive table! Although they play a modest role of “seed”, designed to whet the appetite and prepare taste buds for more complex dishes, they can become a wonderful decoration and a real highlight of the table. By themselves, snacks are already a small holiday that you can regularly arrange for yourself even on weekdays! And every time your holiday will have a unique taste, because from an incredible variety of snacks you can always choose something new and curious: hot or cold, meat or vegetable, mushroom or fish …

Appetizing Appetizers

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Festive table snack recipes with photos

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Ham rolls with exotic mango and papaya filling


We clean 2 mangoes and 2 papayas, cut the fruits in half, remove the grains and bones, and cut the flesh into strips. To prepare one roll, we take two straws of each fruit, tightly wrap them in a piece of ham and pierce with a skewer with a sash or olive. A dish with ham rolls can be decorated with fragrant lemon balm leaves.

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A quick snack at the buffet table: canapes with pickled shrimps

Boiled shrimp is certainly a delicacy, and also very useful, but somewhat fresh and boring. But if you poke a little over the boiled shrimps, the result will exceed all your expectations! What can you think of? For example, pickle shrimp! In a separate bowl, prepare the marinade: mix a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil with the same amount of vinegar, squeeze a clove of garlic in the garlic press, add black ground pepper and salt to taste. In the finished mixture pickled boiled shrimp for 30-40 minutes.

Pinning pickled shrimps with a skewer to a slice of fresh cucumber or celery. All ingenious is simple! Now you can fully enjoy not only the original taste, but also get a purely aesthetic pleasure.

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Festive spanish tapas

Spaniards’ favorite snack is tapas. It can be just chips, nuts, crackers, olives, anchovies or jamon (dried pork), which are traditionally served in bars for beer or wine, or dishes in the form of miniature kebabs, where a variety of products can be strung. Small tapas are often included in the price of the drink. For Spaniards, tapas is not just a way to have a quick and tasty snack, but a whole philosophy and way of life. Favorite entertainment of many Spaniards is to “stroll through” in the evening around the bars, each drinking a glass of beer or a glass of wine and tasting the signature snack of the bar – tapas. And it can be both an independent event, and a kind of warm-up before a full meal in a restaurant. Special “tapas bars” are also very popular, where from the variety of tapas and tapasikov just eyes run!

  • Tapas with pancakes and cheese

A piece of cheese wrapped in a thin pancake. Stringing tapas on a skewer with olives and greens.

  • Tapas with French bread and red fish

Cut into slices of baguette, grease with butter, put a piece of red fish on top and pierce with a skewer with lemon and dill.

  • Tapas with salami, olives, olives and pickles

On a skewer alternately strung: an olive, a slice of salami, pickled cornish, a slice of pickled champignon, another slice of sausage and sash.

  • Tapas with Chicken, Cherry Tomatoes and Bell Peppers

On a skewer string a piece of Bulgarian pepper, fried chicken with spices, a cherry tomato and another piece of chicken.

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Matchless eggs with minced tuna

In combination with tuna, ordinary boiled eggs turn into a wonderful appetizer — exquisite, ugly, simple to prepare, tasty and beautiful.

We will need:

  • eggs – 4 pieces
  • tuna in oil –80 grams
  • homemade mayonnaise – 2 tbsp.
  • anchovies – 5 pieces
  • capers – 1 tbsp. spoon
  • dill
  • salt to taste


Boil eggs, cool and clean from the shell. Cut the eggs lengthwise into two halves. We take out the yolks and grind them through a sieve with tuna, stoned anchovies and capers. To the mixture add 2 tbsp. spoons of mayonnaise and carefully beat everything with a wooden spoon. Fill the finished mass with egg whites and decorate the dish with greens.

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Hot Tomatoes Stuffed with Chicken

Tomatoes stuffed with chicken can be served as a main course or as a hot appetizer. Chicken meat is suitable boiled, fried or smoked. For this dish, it is advisable to choose dense tomatoes of medium size. Alternatively, tomatoes can be stuffed with squid.

We will need:

  • chicken breast
  • red dense tomatoes
  • hard cheese
  • spice
  • greenery


Marinate chicken breast with spices and fry. From the tomato remove the core. Chicken meat finely chop or skip through a meat grinder. Stuff meats tomatoes. Top with a thick layer lay out the mayonnaise and make a luxurious cheese “cap”. We send the stuffed tomatoes into an oven preheated to 240-260 degrees and bake for about fifteen minutes, until it is browned and the cheese is melted. Serve hot.

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Original snacks for the festive table

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The recipe for the festive hot appetizer “Sea pigs”

These lovely creatures will be a wonderful decoration of the festive table, will pleasantly surprise your guests with their exquisite taste, and they will especially delight the kids with their bizarre shape. They simply will not be able to refuse such a curiosity!

We will need:

  • squid – 12 pieces
  • fresh champignons – 12-15 pieces
  • eggs – 3 pieces
  • rice – 150 grams
  • one medium carrot
  • one medium onion


  1. We clean squid and literally for two or three minutes we put it in salted boiling water so that they curl into beautiful carcasses from which we will make pigs. Give cool.
  2. Cooking stuffing. Boil eggs and rice. Finely chopped mushrooms fry with onions and carrots. Finely chop the eggs, mix with rice, mushrooms, onions and carrots. Add mayonnaise, pepper and salt to taste (do not overdo it with salt! There is salt in mayonnaise, we have salted squid, and you probably also have salted the mushrooms when frying).
  3. We start stuffing the “trousers” of future sea pigs, that is, we stuff the squids, after cutting off their tails and fins, which will go to our “pig” ears-tails.
  4. In place of the peephole and ears, we make small cuts, and insert triangles of squid (cut from the tails and fins separated from the carcasses) and peas in them. Well, what you do not pig?! Lubricate our cute mayonnaise and send to the oven for about 15 minutes. Eating !! Here are just eating these cuties oh how sorry!

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Puff Pastry Tartlets with Filling

Tartlets and profiteroles (choux buns) are a great way to arrange a festive table nicely and quickly, conveniently and in an original way to serve pies, mousses and salads, and just tasty feed the guests. You can buy ready-made tartlets or, using special baking tins, you can bake baskets yourself. Well, if nothing of this was at hand, use the recipe for puff pastry tartlets, boats, for the preparation of which does not require anything special, and the process itself is as simple and understandable as possible. We will prepare tartlets with only two types of toppings, but in fact there is just a limitless field for culinary experiments.

We will need:

  • puff yeast dough – 300 grams
  • one egg
  • Almette cheese – 100 grams
  • red caviar – 50 grams
  • avocado – 1 piece
  • half sweet red pepper
  • garlic – 1 slice
  • dill – 10 grams
  • lemon juice – 10 ml


  • Roll out the puff pastry to a thickness of 0.5 centimeters. If the dough is in your roll, it will be enough just to unwind it and cut it into small squares.
  • With a delicate movement of the hand we transform each small square into a boat. The edges must be lubricated with a beaten egg so that our boats do not fall apart. We immediately lay out the boats on a baking sheet, in some places we pierce them with a fork and pour a little dry beans into each one in order to maintain the desired shape. Be sure to take advantage of this little trick, otherwise your flotilla may be skewed. Preheat oven to 200 degrees and bake for about 20 minutes. We release the finished tartlets from the beans.

  • Making cheese filling: cheese “Almette” (can be replaced with any other curd cheese) mixed with finely chopped dill and garlic.
  • To prepare the avocado stuffing, peel the fruit and thoroughly knead with a fork to a uniform consistency. Salt to taste and add some freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • Teaspoon gently lay out the stuffing in tartlets. You can decorate the shoes to your own taste and color. An excellent taste and decorative addition to our fillings will be red caviar and red paprika. The taste of caviar goes well with avocado. Alternatively, you can use nuts, sesame seeds, shrimp or greens.

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Beautiful cold snacks do it yourself

Beautiful design of cold appetizers is the key to the uniqueness of your holiday table and festive mood. Using ordinary products you can make real works of art! Remember what wonderful crafts you did in your childhood, and now you have the opportunity to not for long, but return to your childhood and give free rein to your imagination. Only now all your crafts will not only be beautiful, but also very tasty.

I offer the most popular, beautiful and very tasty cold appetizers for the holiday table with a description and photos that you can do with your own hands.

Original and beautiful salad in balls

Beautiful ball salad


  • Boiled rice – 1 cup;
  • Any canned fish – 1 bank;
  • Boiled eggs – 3 pieces;
  • Mayonnaise – 3 table. spoons;
  • A bunch of fresh dill;
  • Fresh carrots – 1 piece

Preparation of balls:

1) In a bowl, mix boiled rice, fish (mash with a fork), finely chopped squirrels (on a fine grater), season with mayonnaise, salt and pepper.

2) Grate fresh carrots on a fine grater.

3) Grate the yolks.

4) Rinse dill greens, dry thoroughly, cut into smaller pieces.

5) Roll the balls out of mixed ingredients in a bowl.

6) Roll some of the balls in greens, some in grated carrots, some in chopped yolks.

7) Put multi-colored balls on a beautiful dish covered with lettuce leaves.

Cottage cheese balls with vegetable salad

Salad with curd balls

For balls:

  • 500 g of cottage cheese;
  • 1 small carrot;
  • 1/2 bunch of dill;
  • a handful of chopped walnuts;
  • 1 tbsp. l vegetable oil;
  • 1 yolk;
  • 1 tsp cumin;
  • a pinch of salt.

For vegetable salad:

  • Fresh cucumber – 2 pieces;
  • Radish – 100 grams;
  • Bunch of green onions,
  • A bunch of parsley;
  • Salad leaves.


1) In a bowl, knead the curd with a fork.

2) Add carrots, walnuts, chopped dill, vegetable oil, salt. Mix well.

3) From the resulting mixture with wet hands, make croquettes in the form of balls, refrigerate for 30 minutes. 
4) Put lettuce leaves on a dish, put cucumber and radish circles on top of lettuce leaves, sprinkle with chopped green onions and parsley.

5) Put cottage cheese croquettes on the prepared vegetable salad, sprinkle with grated yolk and cumin.

Potato balls for side dishes

Potato balls as a side dish


  • Potatoes – 800 grams;
  • Butter – 50 grams;
  • Chicken egg – 1 piece (for mashed potatoes);
  • Red and black pepper, salt to taste
  • Wheat flour – 40 grams;
  • Vegetable oil for frying in deep fat

Preparation of potato balls: 
1) Wash the potatoes, peel, boil until ready, and drain the water.

2) Without allowing to cool, quickly ceiling the potatoes.

3) Add the pre-melted hot butter, raw egg, salt and pepper to taste, once again, thoroughly rub and mix in mashed potatoes.

4) Form balls of about 5 cm in diameter from warm mashed potatoes. Dip them in flour or breadcrumbs. 
5) Heat the vegetable oil to a boil in a large skillet with high sides or in a saucepan and fry the potato balls in it to golden brown. 
Serve hot as a side dish, garnished with fresh herbs.

Cheese balls with olives and almonds

Balls with olives and almonds


  • Cheese – any;
  • Garlic – to taste;
  • Mayonnaise – to taste;
  • Olives – by the number of balls
  • Almond nuts – by the number of balls;
  • Fresh dill

Preparation of cheese balls: 
1) Grate the cheese (any) and finely chop the garlic (skip through the press). 
2) Then add a bit of mayonnaise to the mixture to obtain a plastic mass, knead well and mix. 
3) Place an almond nut in the middle of each olive.

4) Make a cake of cheese mass, put olives stuffed with almonds, roll up balls.

5) Dill wash, very dry and finely chopped. The drier the dill is and the finer the cut, the more convenient it is to bread the balls.

6) Roll the balls in finely chopped greens and put on a beautiful dish.

Cheese Balls with Tomatoes


  • Sheep cheese – 200 g;
  • Cherry tomatoes – 150 g;
  • Garlic 2 cloves (pressed through a press);
  • Ground pepper – to taste;
  • Soft cheese – 2 tbsp. l;
  • Butter or soft cheese – 1 tbsp;
  • Fresh bunch of dill and parsley;
  • Sesame seeds.

Cooking balls of cheese: 
1) Grind the cheese, mash with a fork, add cheese or softened butter, garlic, black pepper.

2) Stir until smooth.

3) Prepare the tomatoes. Wash and dry.

4) Whole tomatoes should be placed inside the mass, to do this, on the palm of your hand, make a flat cake, put the tomato, roll it and shape the ball.

5) Roll the balls in finely chopped parsley or dill. It is better to take dill (get more beautiful), and then in sesame.

6) Put in the fridge for 30-40 minutes. The snack is ready.

Beet and Herring Balls

Beet and Herring Balls


  • Boiled beets – 3 pieces;
  • Hard cheese (finely grated) – 200 grams;
  • Eggs – 3 pieces;
  • Herring (fillet) – 150 grams;
  • Mayonnaise – to taste;
  • Dill and parsley – for decoration

Preparation of balls:

1) Grate beets.

2) Cut the herring fillets into large cubes.

3) Boil the eggs hard and peel, grate.

4) Add eggs to beets, add half of grated cheese and 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise.

5) From the beets to form cakes, put a piece of herring in the middle of each, roll into a ball.

6) Decorate with greens and a drop of mayonnaise.

Rolls of salami and cream cheese

Salami Roll with Cream Cheese


  • Butter (softened) – 5 kg;
  • Salami (cut into thin slices) – 300 gr;
  • Bulgarian green pepper (cut into thin strips) – 1 piece;

Cooking Salami Rolls:

1) Spread the plastic wrap on the table, lay out the cheese, cover with another layer of the film and roll it out with a rolling pin into a centimeter thick layer.

2) Carefully remove the film and spread the salami over the entire surface of the cheese, then cover again with the film and gently turn it over.

3) Remove the film from the other side and spread the green Bulgarian pepper on the cheese.

4) Now all this is rolled up into a tight roll, leaving no air voids.

5) Cut with a very sharp knife, constantly wiping the blade.

Serve by putting rolls on a round cracker.

Rolls with red fish in pita bread

Thin Armenian Lavash


  • Lavash (Armenian thin);
  • Red fish fillet;
  • Fresh greens

Preparation of rolls from pita:

1) Spread cling film or foil on a flat surface.

2) Put pita bread on foil or foil.

Red fish rolls in pita bread

3) Lavash grease evenly with butter or cheese.

4) Cut the red fish fillet into thin plastics and spread evenly on the butter or cheese.

5) Finely chop fresh greens and sprinkle it on top of the fish.

6) Now, using food film or foil, tightly twist the stuffed pita into a roll, fix.

7) If necessary, trim (cut) the edges of the pita bread and place the roll in the refrigerator for about an hour.

8) After the time has expired, remove the roll from the refrigerator and cut it into 2 cm thick rolls with a thin, sharp knife.

9) When serving, place the rolls on the dish, decorate with greens.

Ham rolls with filling

Ham rolls


  • Ham
  • Toothpicks (for fixing rolls);
  • Fresh cucumber or fresh cabbage;
  • Canned corn;
  • Chicken egg;
  • Fresh carrot;
  • Mayonnaise – to taste;
  • Salt, pepper – to taste

Tie ham rolls with green onion feathers

The number of ingredients depends on the number of rolls prepared.

The complexity of the recipe lies in the fact that ham and cucumber will need to be cut thinly.

Instead of toothpicks, you can use fresh onion feathers or pigtail cheese to fix rolls.

Preparation of rolls:

Let’s start with the preparation of the filling.

1) Boil eggs, cool, peel, chop finely or grate on a fine grater.

Tie ham rolls with pigtail cheese

2) Peel the carrots, grate them on a coarse grater.

3) Open a jar of corn, drain the liquid. It is better to put the contents of the jar in a colander – this will drain all the liquid.

4) Mix eggs, carrots and corn in a bowl and season with mayonnaise, salt and pepper – to taste. Do not add a lot of mayonnaise, the filling should not be liquid.

5) If you decide to put a cucumber into rolls, then cut it into thin slices. If fresh cabbage – then chop it with a thin straw.

6) Cut ham thin plastics.

7) Put thinly sliced ​​cucumbers or cabbage on thinly sliced ​​ham plastic.

8) Then lay out the stuffing and turn the ham with the filling into a roll.

9) Fix the toothpick. We clean for half an hour in the fridge.

10) Then beautifully lay out the rolls on the dish, decorate with greens and serve to the table.

Ham rolls with sausage cheese and carrots

Ham rolls

Toppings for ham rolls can be fresh carrots and smoked sausage cheese .

Cooking ham rolls:

1) Fresh carrot rub on a coarse grater.

2) Sausage cheese also grate a large grater.

3) Mix carrots and cheese, season with mayonnaise, add salt and pepper to taste and, if desired, mix.

4) Put the stuffing on the ham plastics and form rolls with the help of toothpicks.

5) Cool and serve.

Rolls of red fish with filling

Fish rolls


  • Red fish fillet (salted);
  • Cream cheese (any soft);
  • Fresh greens

Making red fish rolls:

1) Cut the fish into plastics;

2) Spread soft cream cheese evenly over the fish;

3) Sprinkle with finely chopped greens;

4) Form rolls, fix in any of the ways.

5) Clean in the cold for 30-40 minutes.

6) Serve chilled, decorate with greens.

Mini Red Fish Sandwiches

Canape boats


  • Black bread;
  • Red salted fish fillet;
  • Butter or creamy soft cheese;
  • Onion;
  • Green pea;
  • Lettuce leaves

Making sandwiches:

1) Cut the crust off the black bread.

2) Slice the bread into even squares or rectangles.

3) Spread the softened butter or soft cheese on the bread blanks.

4) Cut the fish fillets into pieces in the size of the grain blanks, put the fish in the bread slices with cheese.

5) Peel the onion, disassemble it into layers. Cut the strips – these are future sails.

6) Put our “sails” on toothpicks and fix the resulting “masts” on sandwiches.

7) Top with a “mast” decorate with peas.

8) Decorate the festive dish with lettuce leaves and put the resulting boats.

Sandwiches (mini) with herring

Canape with herring


  • White bread;
  • Butter or soft cream cheese;
  • Light-salted herring (fillet);
  • Onion bulb (red);
  • Pickled cucumber

Cooking mini sandwiches:

1) Cut white bread in the same cubes or cubes, dry in the oven so that the pieces of bread lightly brown.

2) Smear butter or cheese on bread.

3) Cut the herring fillet into pieces (according to the size of the sandwich).

4) Put a piece of herring on top of the butter or cheese.

5) Onion disassemble into layers and cut strips (“sail”).

6) Put the “sails” on the toothpicks, form the “mast”.

7) Put the “masts” on the sandwiches.

8) Garnish with pickled cucumber slices on top of the “mast”.

Sandwiches with red fish and caviar

Sandwiches with red fish and caviar


  • White bread;
  • Butter (softened);
  • Red fish fillet;
  • Caviar red or black;
  • Dill greens

Making sandwiches:

1) Cut the crust from the bread.

2) Slice the bread into even pieces.

3) Spread the pieces with a thin layer of softened butter.

4) Cut the red fish fillet into thin slices in the size of a sandwich.

5) Put a second piece of bread on top, smeared with a thin layer of butter.

6) Chop the greens finely and sprinkle on the butter.

7) Put the spawn last. Caviar can be red or black. You can combine and make colorful sandwiches.

8) Put sandwiches in the fridge for 30 minutes.

9) Put the finished chilled sandwiches on a dish made of lettuce. Serve at the table.

Sandwiches with red berries “Berries”

Butter and Red Caviar Sandwiches


  • Canape or white bread;
  • Butter or soft cream cheese;
  • Red caviar;
  • Parsley

Making sandwiches:

1) Cut white bread into slices. If these are canapes, then they are ready to eat. At will bread or canapes can be dried in the oven (to brown).

2) Spread a layer of butter or cream cheese on the bread evenly.

3) Arrange the red caviar in the form of a yagotka.

4) Place the parsley leaves next to the caviar – it turned out berries with leaves.

5) Cool the sandwiches in the fridge.

6) Serve chilled on a beautiful dish.

Sandwich with boiled sausage and tomato “Ladybug”

Sandwiches “Ladybug”


  • Canape or white bread;
  • Creamy soft cheese;
  • Cooked sausage or ham;
  • Cherry tomatoes;
  • Olives (black)
  • Parsley or dill
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Lettuce leaves

Making sandwiches:

1) Dry the bread or canapes from the oven.

2) Spread the bread with a layer of cheese or mayonnaise.

3) Cut the sausage into thin plastics and place on the cheese.

4) Put the parsley or dill leaves on the sausage.

5) Put the tomato on the leaves. Cherry tomatoes need to be washed, cut in half, cut a narrow corner from one edge, and cut a small piece from the other.

6) Cut the olives into quarters. Attach one quarter to a tomato.

7) Make tendrils from green stalks and attach to olive.

8) Cut a few olives stuff into small pieces and decorate the tomato with these pieces – make black specks.

9) On olives put two dots of mayonnaise – these are the eyes.

10) Put on a dish made of lettuce.

That’s all! Our ladybugs are ready! Serve at the table.

Chips Sandwiches

Cold appetizer with chips


  • Hard cheese – 10 grams;
  • Tomatoes – 300 grams;
  • Garlic – 2-3 cloves;
  • Greens – to taste;
  • Mayonnaise – to taste;
  • Potato chips wide (for example “Pringles” (English Pringles ));
  • Olives or olives – for decoration

Making sandwiches:

1) Three cheese on a fine grater.

2) Cut the tomatoes into small cubes or cubes.

3) Clean the garlic and pass through the press.

4) Finely chop the greens with a knife.

5) Mix the cheese with garlic, add tomatoes and greens, mix.

6) Now in the salad you need to add mayonnaise to taste and, if there is little salt, add salt. Do not forget – so salty chips!

7) We spread our salad on chips, top it with olives, olives.

8) Serve at the table immediately, otherwise the chips will soften.

Cold appetizer of eggplant “Peacock tail”

Eggplant Cold Appetizer


  • Eggplant – 2 pieces;
  • Processed cheese – 2 pieces;
  • Eggs – 2 pieces;
  • Garlic – 3-4 cloves;
  • Mayonnaise – to taste;
  • Fresh cucumber – 1 piece;
  • Bulgarian red pepper – 1 piece;
  • Black olives without stones – for decoration;
  • Salt, pepper – to taste;
  • Vegetable oil – for roasting

Cooking Eggplant Snacks:

1) Wash eggplants, cut into 1 cm slices, fry on both sides in vegetable oil until golden brown. Do not salt!

2) After roasting, lay the eggplants on a paper napkin so that excess oil is absorbed.

3) Cool the eggplants.

4) Cook hard-boiled eggs, peel, grate on a fine grater.

5) Grate the melted curds on a fine grater (preliminarily hold the curds in the freezer for about 30 minutes – this is easier to rub.)


7) In a bowl, mix the cheese, garlic, eggs and season with mayonnaise. Get a salad.

8) Remove the olives from the jar and cut it in half.

9) Cut the cucumber into thin circles.

10) Wash sweet peppers, clean seeds, cut into quarters. Then cut the quarters of the pepper into thin strips.

11) Spread the salad mixture evenly on the fried and cooled eggplant circles.

12) On one side of the eggplant, place a circle of cucumber, and on the top of the cucumber – half an olive, with a bottom smeared slightly with salad (this way the olive will hold tight).

13) On the other hand, put a strip of pepper on the very edge of the eggplant.

14) Decorate the peacock tail of eggplants on a platter and serve.

Cold appetizer of bell pepper and cheese

Bell Pepper and Cheese Snack


  • Hard cheese – 250 grams;
  • Butter – 150 grams;
  • Walnut – 10 pieces;
  • Bulgarian sweet pepper (different colors) – 4 pieces;
  • Garlic – 2-3 cloves;
  • Parsley and dill

Cooking snacks from peppers:

1) Wash peppers, pruned from the side of the stem, it turns out like a lid. Do not throw away the lid – it is still useful. Peel the seeds from the seeds.

2) Grated frozen butter.

3) Cheese grate on a fine grater.

4) Peel the garlic, pass through the press.

5) chop walnuts.

6) Chop the greens finely with a knife.

7) Mix all ingredients thoroughly.

8) Stuff the peppers with a tight mass, close the cap from the pepper set aside for the time being and put into the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

9) Before serving, remove the peppers from the fridge, remove the cap and cut with a sharp knife into 1.5-2 cm thick circles.

10) Beautifully put on a dish, decorate with greens on top and serve.

Stuffed tomatoes rice with salmon for a snack

Stuffed tomatoes for a snack


  • Medium sized tomatoes – 5 pieces;
  • Rice is better scalded (such rice is more crumbly) – 2 table. spoon;
  • Salmon (slightly salted) – 50 grams;
  • Fresh cucumber – 1 piece;
  • Greens – to taste;
  • Vegetable oil (olive) – 2 table. spoons;
  • Lemon juice – to taste;
  • Salt, pepper – to taste

1) Wash the tomatoes, cut the top with a knife (about 1 cm), remove the tomato flesh with a spoon. Flip the tomatoes on the side of the napkin to make a stack of extra juice.

2) Boil rice until cooked.

3) Cut fish fillets into small cubes.

4) Cut the cucumber into small cubes too. If the skin of the cucumber is too thick, then clean the cucumber.

5) Finely chop the greens with a knife.

6) Mix rice, fish, cucumber and greens. Add salt, pepper, lemon juice and vegetable oil. Mix everything well.

7) Tomatoes tightly stuffed with the resulting mixture.

8) Decorate with fish pieces and greens.

Tomatoes Stuffed with Cheese and Garlic for a Snack

Stuffed Tomatoes


  • Fresh tomatoes of small size – 12 pieces;
  • Hard cheese – 150 grams;
  • Mayonnaise – 3 table. spoons;
  • Garlic – 3-4 cloves;
  • Greens – to taste;
  • Salt, pepper – to taste

Hard cheese can be mixed with soft or melted cheese – it will turn out even more tasty!

Cooking tomato snacks:

1) Wash the tomatoes thoroughly, wipe with a napkin, cut off the hat from the side of the stem, gently remove the flesh with a teaspoon, turn it over on a napkin. The remaining parts of the tomato put in bowls – do not throw away. Separately lid and separate the pulp.

2) Three cheese on a fine grater.

3) Peel the garlic, pass through the press.

4) In a bowl, mix the cheese, garlic, tomato flesh. Season with mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste.

5) Stuff the tomatoes tightly with the resulting mixture. Do this gently with a teaspoon.

6) Sprinkle with finely chopped greens on top.

7) Cover the stuffed tomatoes with the remaining lids. Or lay out in a circle with green peas, it looks very impressive!

How to originally serve caviar

Beautiful seashells with caviar


  • Pasta shells;
  • Red caviar;
  • Black caviar

1) Boil large shells, rinse.

2) Put black and red caviar in ready-made shells.

3) Serve with greens or salad.

How beautiful to serve a lemon? Lemon Rose

Lemon Roses

You will need:

  • Lemon with thick skinned;
  • Toothpick or small baking dish;
  • Fresh parsley

Preparation of roses from lemon:

1) Lemon with the peel cut into thin slices.

2) Slices overlap each other. Get a sort of train of slices of lemon.

3) Now gently twist the slices together in a roll, grabbing each of the slices. It will take a little skill!

4) Once collected, pin the bottom with a toothpick or put a rosette in the mold.

5) Decorate the roses with parsley leaves.

Serve at the table. Guests will be delighted!

Enjoy your meal!

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Snacks are a pretty broad concept. Here we can include various salads, various kinds of sandwiches, canapés, and an infinite number of other original dishes that are usually served at the very beginning of the meal, before serving the main dish.

This section of our culinary portal contains a collection of snack recipes for any occasion: these are interesting snacks on the holiday table, simple snacks for every day, more complex and unusual options for advanced chefs, and what is very attractive is the step-by-step cooking of snacks from the photo.

For whatever special occasion or just a family feast you would not want to concoct a tasty snack, the recipes from the site will always come to your aid and help you find the most special option that will surely please both your family and guests.

To summarize, all snacks can be divided into two main categories: cold and hot snacks. Cold appetizers include light salads, tartlets, a whole host of a wide variety of canapés, delicacies of meat and fish cuts, as well as fresh, pickled and salted vegetables. The range of cold snacks is so great that it is simply impossible to list all the available categories.

Hot snacks include all kinds of gratinas and souffles, pies and croquettes, the preparation of which is a bit more complicated, but the result deserves such effort.

In European cuisine there is such a thing as “Russian snack” – this is a mix of hot and cold dishes served to the table before lunch or dinner along with vodka.

Light and quick appetizers of pickled mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut were very popular in Russia. Black and red caviar, herring, aspic, and freshly baked pies were served with vodka.

Modern recipes for snacks are more often offered to serve fish or cold cuts, aspic, pate, cheese and cheese cutting, fish or meat mousse, stuffed eggs, vegetable marinade, forshmak, snack cake, saute and much more.

In this case, the housewives do not have to stand for hours at the stove, creating intricate snacks from unusual products according to the most complex recipes. You can make a delicious snack quickly and from simple, accessible to everyone products: for example, mushroom oil, sandwiches, stuffed tomatoes, vegetable caviar, hummus or guacamole.

Anyway, hot and cold snacks have a place to be in all culinary traditions: Spanish tapas, Italian antipasti, French entree.

Depending on the situation, one or several snacks are served at the table. Even on a simple weekday for lunch or dinner, it would be nice to serve some of the most simple appetizers to prepare, such as cold cuts, canapés with sprats or pickles from your own cellar.

When compiling a list of appetizers for a festive table, try to make them varied at the same time and combine well with the main course. Do not forget that the process of cooking pies, canapés and portioned snacks is more laborious and lengthy than creating a pie or terrine.

If possible, also try to take into account the tastes and preferences of invited guests, because among them there may be those who adhere to vegetarianism or fasting, and therefore the meat snack will not suit them, but the vegetable will have to taste.

And we, in turn, will do everything possible so that our collection of recipes is replenished daily with new, interesting, unusual, and most importantly – very tasty snack recipes.

The approaching holiday excites and makes you wait with impatience. Here he is close, we estimate what will be on the hot, we buy a bottle of wine … But neither one nor the other will decorate the table and will not give it such refinement as cold snacks. Here is truly a creative space for any hostess.

Cold appetizers and salads decorate the table, they are usually sought to decorate them with figurines of vegetables or just greens, it is on them that the visitor of the guest approaches the table, they are designed to impress all gourmets.

What cold snacks should be cooked on a festive table?

Let’s start with the classics – brawn .

In ancient Russia, this dish is always cooked on and. It was believed that this holiday relies on cooking pork, because the pig is the only farm animal that did not come to congratulate the newborn Jesus.

  • Pork knuckle;
  • pork legs – a couple;
  • beef broth – with a kilogram;
  • salt, peppercorns, bay leaf;
  • garlic – heads 3-4 medium;
  • carrot.

Rinse the meat thoroughly, cut out all that does not like. Chop or hack bones and rinse again. Carrot clean. Put in cold water and cook on the smallest fire for a long time. If cooked in a pressure cooker, it will be much faster, but the broth will not be so transparent!

Carrots are designed to give a beautiful color to the broth, so that when everything is cooked, it can be removed. Here it is no longer needed.

Strain the broth very carefully, not even through a strainer, but through a strainer with gauze: otherwise the small bone may get into the finished dish. From the bottom do not pour into the jelly at all, give it to the dog. The animal will be delighted, and the bones him nothing! We pour two bouillons into a spoon and put them in the fridge: this is a test — will it harden. And we ourselves go to disassemble the meat.

Here the main thing – do not miss the bones, on the one hand, and do not overfeed the dog – on the other. And then here she is sitting, showing with all her doomed appearance that it will be hard for her to help deal with the contents of the saucepans, but the dog is therefore a friend of a man who is ready to risk …

The meat is disassembled and chopped (can be minced), finely chop the garlic, you can skip through the press; put in hot broth. Boil the garlic is not worth it, he does not like too high temperature.

Check if our broth is frozen in the fridge. If yes – fine, if not – add a little bit of gelatin, it will help the jelly to freeze. Gelatin is now just not meet! We read the instructions and act according to her.

If you want, you can jelly somehow decorate. If you are against such excesses, lay the meat in forms and pour broth. To stiffen we put in the refrigerator.

Before serving, depending on your design and the appearance of the molds, you can remove the jelly by gently turning the molds onto the dish. And it is possible to file directly in the form, especially if the form is beautiful, and the holiday is “for one’s own” The most delicious jelly always turns out. Do not forget to give a good horseradish!

Another traditional cold snack is the Napoleon snack bar .

  • Ready puff cakes;
  • solid mayonnaise;
  • boiled hard-boiled eggs – 5 pcs;
  • ham – about 300 g;
  • cheese – grams 500;
  • marinated mushrooms – half a jar.

This dish is prepared very quickly, and looks very impressive.

Cakes are literally slightly smeared with mayonnaise, cover with film and set aside. It is necessary that they soften a little bit.

Three eggs on a coarse grater, add to them grated on a fine grater cheese and mayonnaise – so much that it was not too cool. The mass should be smeared, not sculpted. Stir and set aside this bowl.

You can choose another one as well. For example, mushrooms with onions (slightly fried) and cheese; boiled chicken with cheese and mushrooms, lightly salted fish or from canned food, vegetables (eggplant, sweet pepper, greens) finely chopped and stewed with vegetable oil.

Cut the ham into a neat straw, set aside in another bowl. We look through the pickled mushrooms and leave the most beautiful to decorate “Napoleon”.

Getting to the assembly. The first cake generously grease the egg-cheese mass. Put a bit of honey on top.

Put the second and press. We only grease this slightly, then put the ham and level it.

Put the third cake, again press. Not him – the remnants of cheese with an egg. Decorate honey agarics. Our cake is ready, but it is desirable to hold it in the fridge for a couple of hours. Cook this cake in.

Let’s make some more Roller Dogs and finish the classics on this one.

The Germans invented Rolmops, adored by Poles, Swedes, Estonians. And we will try to serve them for a holiday as a snack to vodka, especially for patriotic people who do not drink wine.

There are more than a dozen rolmops recipes. Let’s try two kinds of platter.

In essence, rolmops is a herring roll with a small amount of filling. Rolmops is supposed to be slightly marinated.

  • So, herring – 10 fillets;
  • carrots – 2 pieces;
  • onions – 3 heads;
  • garlic – 2-3 cloves;
  • capers – to taste;
  • pickled cucumbers – 2 pieces (large);
  • wine vinegar – 500 ml;
  • sunflower oil – 100 ml;
  • honey – a tablespoon;
  • mustard – a tablespoon;

Grate carrots, chop garlic, mix and salt. Heat the oil to a boil, pour a tablespoon of vinegar into it. Fill the carrot and let it stand until it cools itself (or longer).

Herring disassemble fillets. Pick up all the bones (you can use a magnifying glass and tweezers). Cucumbers cut into cubes, capers, if they are large – a quarter or less. Chop the onion and lightly sprinkle. Smear the fillets with mustard, and half of them also with honey.

Serve, naturally, to potatoes and as a snack to vodka.

We wrap slices of cucumber and caper in one fileki (without honey). In others (with honey) – a sharp carrot and passive onions.

All rollmops are stapled with toothpicks or skewers, put in a bowl and pour marinade: wine vinegar, peppercorns, brought to a boil and cooled to room temperature. Fill with onion rings and leave to marinate for about a day in the fridge.

If you decide to make a buffet, the usual snacks do not fit. Let’s try to make baskets or salads with salad .

Baskets can be bought in the store: messing with them before the holiday, when and so things are full, irrational.

Volovans do not have long to do. To do this, slightly roll out the layer of puff pastry, cut out a few larger circles, and then cut out small mugs with a glass to make “bagels”. Large circles lightly grease the egg, put the “donut” on top and bake for 7-10 minutes.

In the process of baking, the dough will rise and make dough cups that can be filled with salad.

Salad for filling can be taken any (look), but better not “raw”: from crab sticks, from avocado, from boiled beets. You can also fill them with caviar, herring, minced and mixed with butter and so on. Surprise your parents by preparing the vales on.

To decorate the buffet table, perfect snack cakes.


  • Butter;
  • soft processed cheese like “Viola”: creamy and with greens;
  • can be a few slices of cold smoked salmon;
  • tomato paste;
  • parsley for decoration.

In a melted cheese with herbs add a spoonful of tomato, mix thoroughly. If you don’t like the color, add some more tomato.

Crackers are stapled in pairs, interbedded with butter.

On some cakes we will lay out a small piece of fish, and on top of a confectionery syringe squeeze out beautifully cream cheese. On the other – tomato cheese, garnish with parsley.

And as a snack – stuffed Chinese cabbage .

Recipes stuffed Chinese cabbage a huge variety. We will do the simplest.

  • Chinese cabbage (we need inner, softer leaves);
  • cottage cheese;
  • red sweet pepper;
  • greenery.

Finely chop the pepper, mix it with curd cheese and chopped greens.

Wrap in Chinese cabbage leaves, as you like: even envelopes, even rolls.

And now a few simple recipes that will delight both children and adults.

Vegetable “sticks” with sauce

  • Young celery stalks;
  • young carrot;
  • cucumbers;
  • soft melted cheese;
  • Greek natural yogurt;
  • garlic;
  • mayonnaise;
  • dill;
  • radish.

Petioles thoroughly wash and clean from coarse elements. Cucumber cut lengthwise by 4-8 “chopsticks”, depending on the thickness of the cucumber. Wash and clean the carrots; if it is thick, we will also cut it lengthwise, and if it is thin, we’ll leave it.

Make sauces:

  1. Cream cheese mixed with mayonnaise, chop dill and add to the same. Garlic skip through the press and also put in the sauce. Stir.
  2. In Greek yogurt, add grated on a fine grater radish. If it is very liquid – you can put a spoon or two of hard cheese grated on the smallest grater.

“Sticks” dipped in sauce and happy to eat. Delicious sauce, instead of celery, can be spread on bread or potatoes.

Tiny sandwiches – canapés – can be cooked with anything. It is better to make 5-10 different pieces.

  1. Crackers spread with curd cheese and pitted olives.
  2. The same, but covered with a mixture of herbs.
  3. Sliced ​​white bread, smeared with mustard, cucumber and smoked meat.
  4. The same, but smear with melted cheese and a tomato slice on top.
  5. A slice of black bread, smeared with horseradish, and on it boiled pork.
  6. A slice of black bread, dried in a toaster, lightly grated with garlic, and sprat.
  7. A slice of grain bread, dried in a toaster, and finely chopped, stewed eggplant, sweet peppers and tomatoes (cool beforehand!).

With the recipes of holiday sandwiches can be found.


This dish is very popular with children.

  • Cucumbers;
  • crab sticks;
  • corn from the jar;
  • a bit of mayonnaise;
  • red bell pepper.

Wash cucumbers, cut them in half lengthwise, take out the inside with a spoon.

She did not need, you can cut it somewhere in.

Finely chop the crab sticks, mix with the corn and lightly season with mayonnaise and salt.

Pepper wash, cleanse from seeds.

Let’s cut out sharp triangles from it – these are the sails of our “boats”.

We will insert a wooden skewer in each boat, chop “sail” on it.

Boats are ready to sail on a children’s holiday.

And finally, cheese balls .

  • Hard or semi-hard cheese – 500 g;
  • mayonnaise;
  • kish-mish;
  • almond;
  • boiled hard-boiled eggs – 3 pcs;
  • sesame;
  • frozen crab sticks;
  • Cherry

We will rub cheese on the smallest grater, mix thoroughly with mayonnaise. Eggs clean, rub on a fine grater. Crab sticks are also grated without defrosting.

Divide the cheese mass into three parts. We take some mass on the palm, make a “cake”, put a kernel of almond on it, form it into a ball and wrap it in sesame.

The last four dishes are perfect for a children’s party.

From the second part of the mass we will make balls filled with quiche-misha wrapped in crab sticks, and from the third part – with cherry stuffing, we will wrap it in an egg and salt.

Mix the balls on the plate, garnish with lettuce leaves.

Enjoy your meal!

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