Delivery of festive dishes to the house

Delivery of festive dishes to the house. Birthday food delivery to the office

The best is an event in which everything is perfectly thought out.

Is it fun to celebrate a birthday at work? The answer to this question will be positive, however, what to treat everyone in the office? Is it really necessary to stand at the stove for a day to celebrate your birthday? Probably before it was, but now you can use the services of the dining room “Like Home” and order food for your birthday in the office.

Such a step will allow you to throw the mountain off your shoulders, because experienced chefs will be engaged in cooking delicacies. You can do your main business all day, and at the appointed hour, festive food will arrive at the office.

Festive birthday menu

In many firms and companies, where most employees know each other, it is customary to celebrate a birthday during a break or after work. It is necessary for the birthday man to prepare food to the office for his birthday as soon as possible, and then quickly set the table. It takes too much time; moreover, you will have to treat your colleagues with prepared in advance “yesterday’s” food, which may have a stale look.

To avoid such undesirable situations, it is better to order a birthday meal at the office. Ordering a festive menu in our dining room, you get ready hot dishes that will arrive to you at the appointed time.

Features of ordering meals from us

Order holiday food to the office

Every person wants his birthday to be perfect. There are many factors that can affect the quality of the holiday and the most important of them – tasteless food.

When making a meal order for a buffet in the office, you can be sure that:

  • all dishes will be cooked on the day of delivery;
  • to create dishes using only quality and fresh ingredients;
  • birthday food delivery to the office will be made at the agreed time;
  • all dishes cooked by experienced chefs will have an excellent taste;

You no longer need to stand at the stove all day. You can smarten up, go about your business, relax, and take care of the reception at the dining room “Like at Home”. Cooperating with us, you can order food not only in the office, but also home. Our menu contains many tasty and healthy dishes that can diversify your diet.

Benefits of delivering holiday food to the office

Bringing food from home to celebrate your birthday at the office is not very easy. In addition, not all offices have the ability to store and heat food. As a result, it may deteriorate or you have to feed your colleagues with cold dishes. Agree that this is not at all like a great holiday. But these troubles can be avoided by ordering food delivery for the holiday in the office.

Food delivery will save you valuable time. You will bring fresh, cooked dishes only. Moreover, ordering food to the office for a birthday will cost you much less than going to a cafe.

You can order a buffet with delivery to the office or any other convenient place. This service allows you not to worry about lunch at work and greatly facilitates the organization of the holiday. You do not have to engage in the purchase of food, cooking snacks and serving. Simply order a buffet at a family celebration, a coffee break, a corporate party, a birthday party, or any other event in Moscow. In the buffet sets from Fresh Day there are original snacks for every taste!

Fresh Day cares not only about the taste, but also about the benefits of food. Even our adherents of a healthy diet will like our varied buffet menu. Exit buffet with food from Fresh Day is perfect for any sports festival. You can always order vegetables, fruits, as well as delicious natural and nutritious dishes at a bargain price.

Exit reception from Fresh Day: delicious food for any occasion

Vegetarians, sweets, low-calorie fans and hearty food lovers will find dishes to suit your taste. You can order a buffet in Moscow from the following dishes:

  • Dessert;
  • pancakes;
  • canape;
  • mini cakes and pastries;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • the drinks;
  • rolls;
  • tartlets;
  • sets;
  • pizza;
  • dishes on the grill;
  • sandwiches and bruschetta.

Natural juices, fruit juices and soft drinks with fresh berries and fruits are always ready for you. Refreshments are a great addition to all buffet sets. Managers of our company will help to calculate the number of servings, based on the specifics of the event and the number of invited guests, to arrange meals for each celebration beautifully and in an original way, as well as control the delivery of selected buffet sets on the right day.

When choosing snacks to order, use filters to help plan a birthday or other event, based on the necessary budget and taste preferences of the invited people. This option will help you quickly and inexpensively order a tasty buffet in the office for any corporate holiday.

Birthday food delivery

Food delivery is gaining popularity in Moscow every year. One of the reasons is employment. People spend more time at work and more value their personal time. Everyone’s preferences remain different: some prefer to cook their own meals at home or dine in a restaurant, someone is used to order ready meals every day, and many only for special occasions. Such a case can be any holiday. Here we look at the benefits of birthday delivery.

Holiday with taste

Birthday is the case when you want to treat yourself and your favorite guests to delicious food, to prepare various dishes for the buffet table. Often people spend a lot of time searching for recipes and worry about the result. And this is justified, because if you are not a cook, then on the eve of the holiday you can easily spoil the dish by slightly over-salting it or having it burned. Everyone wants the atmosphere to be cozy, and the guests are delighted with the prepared food. But what to do if you are not sure about your culinary abilities, but you really want to lay a delicious table? There is an exit. Birthday food is no longer fiction. Home delivery or even an office in any district of Moscow is already a necessity.

Even if you are a great cooker, there is no reason to stand at the stove before the holiday. Spend it for the benefit of yourself and your mood. Relax, tidy yourself up to greet guests with a smile, not with flour on your face. To do this, there are professional chefs who can do it for you. The range of our delivery is unlimited: salads, appetizers, main course, soups, drinks, pastries and desserts.

Order an inexpensive buffet directly to work – a great alternative to home cooking for business people. The advantages of catering to the office are obvious: a festive dinner will be brought to you anywhere in Moscow, and you can invite a large number of colleagues to the reception.

Ordering a festive table for a child is a real find for parents. We bring home dishes exclusively from high-quality and natural products. And what children’s holiday does without desserts? We offer the freshest pastries and desserts: pies, croissants with various fillings, pies, buns, cheesecakes, eclairs, cookies, cakes and pastries.

The advantages of delivering food to the birthday for a modern person:

  1. Save time. You can not come to the store, buying the necessary products on the list and stand in lines, and then stand at the stove. We will deliver all freshly prepared dishes at once to the banquet.
  2. Saving forces. Just imagine how many products you need to buy for a large company. On the birthday of the delivery service is particularly relevant. You do not need to count how many foods you need to feed everyone.
  3. Own menu. Do not search the Internet for recipes for salads, appetizers, canapes. We have presented dishes that you just need to choose.
  4. Fresh products that did not lie in the store for days but were cooked just before serving.

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