How to salt caviar from fresh-frozen pink salmon

How to salt caviar from fresh-frozen pink salmon. Salmon roe caviar

Cutting fish is pretty easy, for this reason, people buy it entirely. We will tell you how to salt salmon caviar, which remained after butchering. At home, prepare a delicious snack easy. It is only necessary to choose your favorite recipe and follow the step-by-step instructions.

How to clean caviar of pink salmon from the film before the ambassador

Before salting caviar of pink salmon, it is necessary to remove all films of the house. Otherwise, the shells will give bitter bitterness to the seeds, while the appetizer itself will look ugly.

There are several cleaning options:

№1. Colander

Split the eggs, then move into a colander. It is important that the holes have an average size. Roll the contents of boiling water from the kettle, wait draining. Begin to shake the colander intensively over a clean bowl, all the grains fall into the saucer. Shells will remain in the strainer.

№2. Brine

Connect the filtered water (1 l.) With coarse-grained salt (30 gr.). Warm in a saucepan before boiling. Next, wait for cooling to 45 degrees. Dip whole caviar in brine. Arm with a whisk, slowly knead them the contents. The film will begin to be wound on the rods of the corolla, freeing the grains.

Number 3. Boiling water and salt solution

Before salt salmon caviar, clean it. At home, this is done in 2 stages. First make a solution of 60-70 grams. salt and 1 l. water. Dip the calf inside, wait a couple of hours. Move to a colander, scald with boiling water and quickly remove the coagulated film.

№4. Fork and sieve

Take a wide pot. Put the sieve in which the caviar lies in it. Fill the pot with water heated to 60 degrees (not higher). Grab the caviar with a fork, stir in a circle for 10 seconds. The seeds will fall into the strainer, and the film will be screwed on the bars of the fork.

№5. Manually

This technique is only suitable for fully ripened caviar. With extreme care, divide the whole piece with the eggs into 6 equal parts. Then slowly crease the slices, but do not press down. If everything is done carefully, the grains will fall out by themselves.

The best recipes for salting caviar of pink salmon

Since salmon caviar of pink salmon can be a lot of different methods, we offer for the implementation at home only the best variations. Tasty and fast!

№1. The salmon caviar ambassador according to the classic recipe

  • Caviar – 0.4 kg.
  • salt coarse – 2 tbsp. l
  • sugar – 0.5 tbsp. l
  • filtered water – 1 l.

We tell how to salt caviar of pink salmon according to traditional recipes at home.

1. Pick up a refractory for brine. Pour the sugar, pour in water and add salt. Wait for the beginning of bubbling.

2. Turn off the fire. Allow the crystals to dissolve completely. Leave the solution to its temperature was 40 degrees. Place the previously harvested seed kernels in the brine.

3. Wait a quarter of an hour for a slightly salted delicacy to come out, or 45 minutes (for those who want to get a more salty snack). After the allotted time, drain the solution.

№2. Dry salmon roe salting

  • Caviar – 0.5 kg.
  • sugar – 0.5 tsp.
  • salt – 1 tbsp. l with riding

1. Take care in advance of cleaning the eggs. Put them in a deep bowl with sugar and salt.

2. Stir with a spoon. Now put a flat saucer on the roe. Place a cup of water on top.

3. Note 4 hours, then taste. The storage time is two days, during this period the snack must be consumed.

Number 3. Salmon caviar salted according to GOST

  • salt – 40 gr.
  • vegetable oil – 1 tbsp. l
  • Caviar – 0.25 kg.

If you still do not know how to salt salmon caviar according to GOST, read the step-by-step instructions. At home, make a delicious delicacy easier than ever.

1. Put the caviar in a bowl. You can choose a glass jar or a plastic food container.

2. Walk over the product with a spoon to level the seeds. Sprinkle with salt. Stir gently, do not allow the grains to crack.

3. Pour oil over the entire surface. Close the container, take it in the cold. In this composition, the snack will last for a long time.

№4. Ambassador salmon roe for long-term storage

  • potatoes (washed, scalded) – 1 pc.
  • caviar – 0.5 l.
  • filtered water – 1 l.
  • salt – in fact

1. Boil and cool the water. Boil the potatoes and add salt. Salt the liquid until the potatoes pop up. Get the potatoes.

2. Caviar in liquid and hold for 7 minutes. Filter through cheesecloth, wait for runoff.

3. Spread the eggs on a dry cloth in 3 layers. Smooth. Blot the top layer with a paper towel.

4. Move the workpiece into a glass container and place in the cold.

№5. Salmon roe salted in vegetable oil

  • salt – 0.5 tsp.
  • vegetable oil – 15 ml.
  • Caviar – 0.1 kg.
  • sugar – 0.5 tsp.

1. Before salt salmon caviar, send it to a sieve and rinse. Transfer to capacity. At home, it is better to take containers made of glass or plastic.

2. Add caviar to caviar. Hermetically seal the container and put in the cold at night. Taste it.

№6. Salmon caviar salmon with lemon and herbs

  • freshly ground white pepper – 0.5 tsp.
  • vegetable oil – 0.1 liters.
  • salt – 20 gr.
  • Caviar – 0.5 kg.
  • lemon – 1 pc.
  • greens – 50 gr.

1. Place prepared caviar in a cup. Add seasoning, add citrus juice and oil. Stir gently.

2. Cover the blank and send in the cold for a couple of hours. After a specified period of time, sprinkle delicacy with finely chopped greens, try.

Terms of storage of finished caviar of pink salmon

To appetizer pleased taste and bring exceptional benefits, follow some tips:

  • store eggs exclusively in glass containers;
  • Do not freeze eggs, it loses its taste and benefits;
  • when storing raw materials, keep the temperature within +4 degrees;
  • with classic pickling, the snack is stored for 3 days.

How to salt caviar of pink salmon, we considered. At home, prepare a snack in any way presented above. Stick to simple recommendations so as not to spoil the taste.

When buying a red fish, pay attention to its belly, if it is thickened, most likely it has caviar. This product is considered a real delicacy. Every housewife should know how to pickle salmon caviar. About this and talk in the article.

If caviar was caught in the pink salmon, in no case should you throw it away. Having correctly salted the product, you will get a wonderful snack that you can smear on sandwiches, use in salads, decorate various dishes.

Before you begin salting the eggs, you need to remove the film (yastyki) from it. Do it carefully, so as not to damage the eggs.

Chefs suggest using the following methods:

  1. Scalding with boiling water. Pour boiling water into a deep container, put caviar there for a few seconds. Take a sieve with large holes, wipe the eggs through it. The film should be well removed, stay in your hands. If the house does not have a sieve, you can replace it with a large float, or even use a badminton racket.
  2. Put yastyki in gauze, folded in several layers. Hold over a stream of hot water for several minutes, constantly stirring eggs.
  3. Put the caviar in a deep glass bowl. Insert the nozzles into the mixer to stir the dough (without the whips). Turn on the device at the minimum speed, bring it to the joints. For a few seconds, the film wraps around the whisk. To apply this method, you need to have certain skills.
  4. You can slightly incise yasyki, and gently get the eggs with a spoon or fork. Try to do it carefully, so as not to damage the eggs.

As you can see, to separate the film from the calf is quite simple. The process does not take you more than 15-20 minutes. If it is not completely removed, the caviar will taste bitter, the taste of the product will deteriorate.

Classic cooking recipe

In the classical way, caviar is salted in a “wet” way. Cooking time – 3 hours.

For the recipe you need simple ingredients:

  • caviar – 250 g;
  • filtered water – 300 ml;
  • salt – tablespoon;
  • sugar – 5 g

The cooking process includes the following steps:

  1. Separate the caviar from the film, rinse it with running water, fold it in a sieve, let it dry for a while.
  2. Boil water, add sugar and salt. Make sure that the ingredients are completely dissolved, there were no crystals.
  3. Cool the water to 30-40 degrees. If this is not done, the caviar will simply cook, the dish will not taste good.
  4. Fill the obtained brine with eggs, let it brew for at least 2 hours.
  5. Fold the eggs on the gauze, the liquid should drain completely.
  6. Spread caviar in cans and send to the fridge.

Caviar, cooked according to this recipe, can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. If you want to increase the shelf life of the product, add sunflower oil. It must be refined, odorless, so as not to spoil the taste of caviar.

Simple option with vegetable oil

The recipe for salting red caviar with vegetable oil is very popular. In this case, the shelf life of the product is increased to 2 weeks.

Ingredients needed:

  • caviar – 100 g;
  • salt – 3 g;
  • sugar – 3 g;
  • vegetable oil – 5 g

Cooking process:

  1. Separate caviar from film, rinse with cool water, dry.
  2. Put the caviar in a glass container.
  3. Add salt, sugar, vegetable oil. Try to place the ingredients around the perimeter of the container, but you should not mix eggs. In this case, there is a high probability of damage to the integrity of the eggs.
  4. Close the container with a tight lid and put in the refrigerator.

After 9 hours you can eat caviar. According to this recipe, it turns out salted. If you like a richer flavor, add a little more salt.

How to quickly salted caviar of pink salmon

If you need to quickly pickle the salmon caviar, use the following recipe:

  • caviar – 500 g;
  • coarse salt – 10 g;
  • sugar – 3 g


  1. Clean the eggs from the wastewater, rinse with water.
  2. Place the product in a deep dish.
  3. Add the remaining ingredients.
  4. Mix the caviar gently, trying not to break its integrity.
  5. Cover the bowl with a plate and put a load on it so that the air does not penetrate. Ideal for a half-liter can of water.
  6. Put the tara in the fridge.

Caviar is salted in a similar way for 5 hours. If the product does not have time to eat within 2 days, you can put it in the freezer. Spawn can be frozen only once. From the temperature difference the eggs can burst.

Ambassador dry

You can salt caviar “dry” way. In this case, the use of brine is excluded. The advantages of this method are obvious: the shelf life of the product increases.

You will need the following ingredients:

  • caviar – 250 g;
  • salt – 30 g;
  • water – 1 liter.

The cooking process involves several steps:

  1. Boil the water.
  2. Place the caviar (along with the garlic) in a sieve.
  3. Add 20 g of salt to boiling water, let it dissolve completely.
  4. In the resulting brine, lower the sieve with caviar (for 20-25 seconds).
  5. Remove the film so that the caviar is not bitter.
  6. Put the eggs in a glass or plastic bowl, pour in salt.
  7. Be sure to mix.
  8. Put the product in the fridge.

Caviar prepared in a similar way will be ready in a couple of hours.

Royally with cream and onions

If you like culinary experiments, we offer the following recipe for caviar.

We need ingredients:

  • caviar – 250 g;
  • bow – 1 head medium size;
  • cream – 25 ml. Better suited product of medium fat (15-20%);
  • salt – teaspoon;
  • red and black pepper – 2 g.

Cooking process:

  1. Remove the film from the calf, rinse well and dry.
  2. Put the salmon caviar in a glass container.
  3. Finely chop the onion. It is better to choose the method of cutting dice. Add the finished product to the roe.
  4. Sprinkle with salt (half portions), add pepper, mix gently.
  5. Cream caviar on top, try to distribute them evenly.
  6. Add the remaining salt. Stir the eggs no longer needed.

Prepare such caviar about 2 hours. After that, you can eat it.

Pink salmon caviar, prepared in this way, is very delicate (due to the cream). It can be used in salads or eat as a snack.

Pickled frozen pink salmon caviar

Delicious salmon roe can be obtained from the product ice cream. To the eggs do not burst, they need to be defrosted properly. In this case, the main thing is not to hurry.

Put caviar in film in the refrigerator, leave for at least 8 hours. To defrost the product will be a natural way.

Ingredients for the recipe:

  • caviar – 0.5 kg;
  • boiled water – 2 l;
  • coarse salt – 100 g;
  • sugar – 5 g;
  • olive oil – 40 ml.


  1. With the defrosted product remove the film, put the eggs in a sieve, rinse with water.
  2. Heat 1 liter of water (temperature 40 degrees), dissolve half of the salt and sugar in it.
  3. Dip in the brine caviar for a few minutes.
  4. Drain the brine, start cooking a new one.
  5. Bring the water to a boil, add the remaining sugar and salt, cool the brine to 30 degrees.
  6. Place the eggs once more in the pickle. This time for 20-30 minutes.
  7. Drain the liquid, put the eggs on a towel, let them dry a little.
  8. Put the caviar in the jar, cover with oil.

If you do it right, the caviar will be fragrant and tasty.

With lemon juice and greens

This recipe is appreciated by real caviar gourmets. Immediately tune in to the fact that the cooking process will take at least 3 hours. But as a result, you get caviar, rich in bright flavors.

List of ingredients:

  • caviar – 0.5 kg;
  • salt – 15 g;
  • olive oil – 100 g;
  • ground pepper – 3 g;
  • lemon – 1 pc .;
  • dill, parsley, basil – to taste.


  1. Peel the eggs from the film, rinse it with running water.
  2. Place in a glass container, add salt, sugar and pepper.
  3. Squeeze the juice from the lemon, mix with oil, pour the eggs.
  4. Mix all ingredients well.
  5. Cut greens, sprinkle with caviar.
  6. Put the product in the fridge for 2-3 hours.

Chefs prefer to use white pepper. It gives the dish an unusual flavor and bright taste.

Pink salmon caviar is a healthy product. Properly cooked caviar is no different from the one sold in jars. Use our recipes and you will get the perfect meal.

For me it was a pleasant surprise to find caviar when cutting fish. Not much, but enough for sandwiches. And then I remembered that our godfathers, who live in the North, salted it themselves. Of course, they taught me how to pickle red caviar of pink salmon at home. It turned out so simple and fast that it took me a little more than half an hour. And most importantly, it can be used immediately after preparation.

How to pickle at home caviar of pink salmon

Kitchenware: colander, bowl, tablespoon, paper towels.


Step by Step Cooking

  1. Take 350 grams of caviar. That is how much I did. In general, this recipe is calculated on a pound approximately.
  2. To quickly extract the eggs from the film, pour in a bowl 500-700 ml of very warm water and pour a full tablespoon of salt with a slide. Stir until dissolved and drop.The temperature should be such that you can hold your hand in it for a while. From strongly hot water, the precious product will become cloudy.

  3. Carefully rip the film and put everything in a saline solution and hold for about 5 minutes. From salt, the film and partitions will begin to fold. This is also done in order to disinfect and remove blood residues.

  4. Carefully remove the eggs from the film.

  5. Strain the contents of the bowl through a colander and rinse several times with running water.

  6. Again, pour into the bowl 500-700 ml of boiled water, but at room temperature. Dissolve in it 3 full spoons of salt with a slide.

  7. We lay out the future delicacy, mix well and leave for 15 minutes.No matter how hard we try to do everything carefully, some eggs still burst, and the remnants will float to the surface. We collect them with a spoon or skimmer. To preserve and enhance the color, it is recommended to add a teaspoon of sugar.

  8. Again, filter through a colander and leave the glass to excess liquid. Flush is not necessary. Many recommend not allowing direct contact with the metal and are advised to lay gauze at the colander.

  9. Spread out a couple of paper towels on the table. We spread everything with a colander and well promakivaem.

  10. We shift from napkins to a deep plate, a bowl or a small jar. Pour a tablespoon of oil and mix. Due to this, a characteristic brilliance will appear.

  11. Everything. Cut slices of bread, spread them with butter and put personally prepared delicacy. You can add a little green on top.

Quick option

It is also called “five minutes”. This method is often used by fishermen, and it allows you to enjoy prey almost immediately after cutting the fish. All that is needed for this is 
to carefully cut the film, clean off the eggs with a spoon or any other means at hand, pour a full teaspoon of salt, mix and leave for 5 minutes.

If you add a tablespoon of sunflower oil and mix thoroughly, you can store for about a week in a cool place or in a refrigerator.

Video recipe: how to salt salmon caviar

See how easy it is to salt salmon at home in the recipe on video.

The disadvantage of this recipe is that it is suitable for storing no more than five days . For longer storage, a completely different solution, also called a brine, is needed in a completely different way.

How to salt the salmon caviar in a brine

Cooking time: 3-4 hours. 
Servings Per Container: 1. 
Kitchenware: saucepan, gauze, colander, bowl, spoon.


Step by Step Cooking

  1. Pour into the pan about 2 liters of water and bring to a boil. The recipe is designed for 700-800 g of caviar.

  2. First pour 500-600 g of salt.

  3. Stir until completely dissolved and wait for it to boil again.

  4. Now you need to add salt until it stops dissolving. This can go another 300-400 g.Some check the salinity of raw potatoes. That is, if it surfaced, then it’s done. But the right toil is prepared that way. I got this technology from my grandmother, who worked in the shop for the preparation of this delicacy. Interestingly, if you put a raw potato in a peel in a boiling shank, it will not be cooked, but baked.

  5. Ready brine cool to room temperature. If you did everything correctly, salt crystals form on the surface.

  6. During this time, release the eggs from the film in any way convenient for you.You can simply scrape off with a spoon or the blunt side of a knife or use a metal grill. Some do it with the help of a regular badminton racket or through a special rattle. Even a sieve with large openings through which the eggs will pass is suitable.

  7. Fill the caviar with part of the brine, mix well for a couple of minutes. This will cleanse it of residual blood and mucus. And all the harmful bacteria will die. The effect of the brine can be seen immediately, since white particles will appear.

  8. Strain everything through a colander and rinse with water.

  9. We shift it back from the bowl and fill it again in a 1: 2 ratio. That is, one part of the caviar needs two parts of the liquid. Try to avoid particles of insoluble salt and sand.

  10. Mix and leave for three to five minutes.

  11. After that we put a colander on some pot, we cover it with gauze and filter. Gauze is needed to prevent the salt from reacting with the metal.

  12. Lightly roll the gauze from side to side to help drain the liquid. Tie the edges and hang for three to four hours. After that we get a moderately salty product, ready for consumption or storage.

Video recipe: how to pickle salmon caviar in a brine

Look at the video, how to pickle caviar for long-term storage.

Any caviar is stored in the refrigerator for no more than a week . It is better to freeze it for long-term storage. To do this, it needs to be decomposed into portioned containers with lids and quickly frozen.

Never thaw at room temperature. From the sudden drop of the eggs burst and you have to throw everything away. For proper defrosting, just in the evening, shift the container from the freezer to the top shelf of the refrigerator. And then in the morning you can easily make yourself healthy sandwiches. It is impossible to re-freeze, so initially choose the right size of the container so that you can consume caviar from it for a couple of days.

I hope that my recipes turned out to be useful for you, and you were able to pickle the most delicious caviar and cook delicious snacks with it! Waiting for your comments.

If you bought a pink salmon in the store, brought it home and found an unexpected but pleasant surprise in the form of caviar, then this recipe is just for you! Naturally, you immediately have a question, how to pickle salmon caviar? Do not throw away such a value in vain. In fact, salting caviar at home is not difficult and, moreover, quite quickly.

But once you have decided, the main thing is to do everything correctly, clearly following the step-by-step recipe. Then even frozen caviar will turn into a delicious delicacy, which you will be able to please your loved ones. In addition, independently salted caviar at home, it is a guaranteed high-quality product in contrast to what is bought in the store.

At the moment, such expensive joy is by no means affordable to everyone, and not for everyone it can be an integral decoration of the banquet. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to find such a bonus in the fresh, or frozen pink salmon you bought, then do not miss the opportunity to pickle caviar yourself. it will be much better than if you boil it or fry it, in which case it will become quite tough and lose its taste properties.


  • Salmon roe
  • Salt (large) – 50g + 1 teaspoon
  • Boiled water – 0.5 l
  • Vegetable oil (can be olive) – 1 tablespoon


The first thing we do is pour salt, in the amount of 50 grams, in a deep enough bowl.

Then pour 0.5 liters of boiled water into this bowl and stir a little. Having stirred, we remove to the side, we will need it later.

Now we are moving on to the manipulation of the main ingredient. We need to separate the caviar from the film. Naturally, this must be done extremely carefully, otherwise all the eggs will burst. This process is certainly time consuming and requires endurance accuracy.

The next step will be washing the eggs under cold water. We wash it necessarily 3 times. In the photo you see how it looks after washing.

It is time for boiled salted water, we pour it into a container with caviar. By the time the salt should be completely dissolved in water. Leave the contents of the bowl to infuse for 15 minutes.

After a specified time, we need to drain all the water from the bowl and rinse its contents several more times.

Lay on the table napkins, always in several layers. And then gently spread the eggs on a napkin with a spoon. We do this in order to remove excess moisture.

The first layer of napkins absorbed the main part of the moisture, and now we spread a new layer of napkins and again we shift our delicacy to it, gently level it and leave it to lie there for 5 minutes.

Well, 5 minutes have passed, it’s time for the final step. Pour our valuable seafood into a plate and add vegetable oil in the amount of 1 tablespoon. Stir well. It gives caviar shine and an even more appetizing look. So, the product is ready to eat, enjoy your meal! Now you know how to pickle caviar.

By the way, it is imperative to store such a delicacy in the refrigerator and no more than two days. So it is advisable to use it as soon as possible after salting.

How can beautifully spawn on the table

The resulting salmon caviar of pink salmon can be served on a festive table as sandwiches spread with butter and decorated with a leaf of greens on top. To replace it, you can also use classic or melted cheese with melted salmon flavor.

Also, a rather original way of serving will be to put it in tartlets. You can also put a little butter or melted cheese on the bottom of the tartlets. Such an appetizer no doubt will disperse very quickly, and guests will express compliments to the skillful hostess.

But do not, of course, forget that the caviar can be served in its pure form, so to speak, as it is. In order not to deprive guests of the opportunity to enjoy its unique taste. In this case, you need to put our valuable food in small shoes, then place tea, and better dessert spoon in order to make it convenient for guests to take. And naturally, the best decoration in this case will be a leaf of dill or parsley.

Choose how you like more! But do not forget about the existing recommended rates of use of this precious product per person per day, it is approximately 5 teaspoons.

Many housewives, buying red fish in the departments of shops, are often guided by the presence of caviar in it. This delicacy is always in great demand. Of course, subject to its proper preparation.

Ingredient preparation

The useful granular product from the reproductive organs of pink salmon is distinguished by its high nutritional value, protein content of animal origin and saturated fatty acids, including Omega – 3. The caloric content of 100 grams of pink salmon caviar is about 220 kilocalories, while its artificial counterpart contains only 63 Kcal.

Red fish eggs of the salmon family contain many minerals, vitamin complexes, as well as retinol, fat, protein, micro and macronutrients, saturated, unsaturated, polyunsaturated and other acids that participate in metabolic and regenerative processes of the human body. Without these elements, the human nervous system will not work properly.

Intake of essential minerals need all the organs that support vital functions. Their lack leads to various disorders, dysfunctions and ultimately to diseases. To feast on delicious and healthy delicacy, you first need to prepare it. The first step is to choose a fish with caviar. There are a lot of criteria for this, but you should know only the main ones.

  • It is best to choose freshly caught gutted fish. Undoubtedly, it is preferable to purchase a frozen product. But the situation is complicated by the fact that fresh fish is sold only in places of catch, for example, in Far Eastern waters.
  • If this is not possible, then try to choose carcasses from trays with female individuals. Now in many supermarkets, and simply in the fish departments of stores there are separate storage rooms for females and males. Fishes on the basis of sex are divided precisely with the goal of choosing the right product. Those who need more fish fillets are chosen by the males, and those who seek caviar are females.
  • The presence of caviar is reported in pink blotches on the fish belly, as well as visually this part is much larger, elastic and dense to the touch.

  • Calf in the abdomen of the female appears only during spawning, in summer. The rest of the time it may not be. Therefore, it is necessary to inquire when another batch of frozen fish was caught.
  • If this is not possible, then when buying, rely on the external characteristics of the fish. First of all, it is the color of scales. The males of pink salmon, as a rule, have a brighter color than the females. Those and smaller size. The male’s head is curved, with powerful jaws and teeth. Females have a more rounded head, without pronounced predatory signs. The male on the back has a characteristic hump, thanks to which the fish got its name. Females do not have such features. But they are fatter due to the calf, their tail fin is well developed.
  • The following signs indicate the freshness of the fish and the frozen product: the absence of plaque on the gills, the integrity of the caudal fin, the absence of a yellow color on the abdomen and whole eyes. And in frozen fish, they are slightly turbid.

After selecting the fish you need to properly cut it, separate the eggs and prepare for further preparation. First, remove the strap film. Yastyki is the shell of the calf, preserving it. Caviar caviar is considered a quality product that is better salted. Remove yastyki according to a special scheme, including various methods.

  • With the help of boiling water . To do this, the product is placed in heated water for some time and then removed. Then caviar is passed through the large holes of the colander or sieve. The film is thrown away, and the eggs are left.
  • With the help of marlevki. Put the caviar in the gauze cut, roll it up and hold it for a few seconds under a slight pressure of hot water, shifting your hands. The shell will move away, the whole eggs will remain.
  • Using a mixer. Caviar is placed in a container and treated with a soft whisk on a minimum mode. The method requires skill, so beginners should use more simple options.
  • With the help of brine. In a liter of hot water dipped a quarter cup of salt and caviar. Then whisk, slightly beating, remove the shell manually.

  • Hands to remove yastyki longer, but the kernel without heat treatment obtained with higher quality. Caviar just gently sorted out, the shells themselves are separated from it.
  • With the help of a fork. Caviar is placed in a sieve, dipped in hot (not boiling) water. Grain shells, stirring with a fork, are separated by prying and winding them onto the fork. As the film is cleaned, it is removed from the device, and clean eggs are left in the sieve.
  • Using salt water. Caviar just pour cold, well-salted water and leave for a couple of hours. Then spawn put in a sieve and doused with boiling water. Shells at the same time burst and depart.
  • If you have acquired damaged caviar with a burst shell, you need to put it in salt water. In this case, bursting eggs acquires a whitish hue. They need to get, separating from the total mass, and the rest of the eggs released from yastok in any way described.

Cleaning the fish product in this way is quite simple. The whole procedure will take from 10 minutes to half an hour, depending on the amount of caviar. It is necessary to remove yastiki, otherwise the product will turn out to be of poor quality and will taste bitter. You can also cook caviar in yastikah. This method involves salting caviar right in the shell, without peeling. Caviar in the film is folded in a bowl and covered with salt. After half an hour, you can either eat it, pour it with oil, or rinse it and clean it from the waste by rubbing it through a sieve.

Caviar is not stored in the shell for long, so you need to count its quantity so that you can consume all without a trace.

Salted Recipes

The finished delicacy is put on bread and butter, any sandwich base, tartlets, and also used as a snack, in salads and other culinary dishes. Cooking red caviar of pink salmon can be successfully done at home, at home in the kitchen. If you have succeeded in the previous stages, then the subsequent process will not be an exception. Cooking is quite simple: you need caviar, spices and water. Both fresh and frozen caviar are salted.


“Wet” way to salting

Salting fresh fish product is made by the “wet” method. First, take red caviar of pink salmon, free them from the membranes, wash the kernels, dry them and put them in a separate container. Next, put on the fire pot with 500 grams of water. As soon as the liquid warms up to 40 degrees, add a large spoonful of salt, a little sugar, stir well until complete dissolution and pour 300 grams of refined caviar.

Make sure that the water does not overheat, otherwise the caviar will boil and become unsuitable for food. Keep the eggs for a couple of hours, then the curing mixture is poured through a sieve or a colander, and the eggs are dried on gauze and put into any suitable container, removing for storage in the refrigerator. Caviar according to this recipe is stored no more than three days.

“Dry” method of salting

If there is a “wet”, then there must be a “dry” method of salting. When using it, take 200 grams of purified base, fall asleep with 25 grams of fine salt. Then the product is placed in a tray with a lid and clean in the cold. Caviar salted in a dry way will be ready in a couple of hours.

On a production scale, the ambassador is no different from the usual home method. The difference is only in scale. To prepare, take a kilo of caviar, one and a half liters of water, a glass of salt and half a glass of good sunflower oil. Caviar cleaned, washed and poured into a separate bowl. A large container of water is placed on the fire, brought to a boil, and the stove is turned off. The amount of salt is determined using peeled potatoes. If it comes up, then there is enough salt, and if not, you can continue to pour it. Then the potatoes are removed, the solution is cooled and caviar is put into it. For a lightly salted variant, it is enough to hold the eggs in the curing liquid for 10 minutes, and for longer storage it will take 30 minutes.

Lightly salted caviar with sunflower oil

The recipe for cooking salted caviar with sunflower oil is the most popular, thanks to the simplicity of execution and quick readiness. The ambassador is made with the calculation: 100 grams of product – three grams of salt and sugar and five grams of sunflower oil. It is best to take refined and deodorized vegetable oil, then the shelf life of the finished product will increase to two weeks. The cores, freed from the shells, washed, dried and placed in a clean container.

All ingredients are added on top, slightly shaken, covered and placed in the refrigerator. Stir is not recommended, otherwise you can damage the structure of caviar.

Creamy Red Caviar

For those who are ready for experiments and new solutions, we advise you to make creamy red caviar. It will take 300 grams of pure caviar of pink salmon, one onion, 30 milliliters of low-fat cream, a small spoonful of salt and a mixture of red and black ground peppers. Prepared and well-dried eggs are folded in a plastic tray. At the same time finely chopped peeled onions, sent to the tray, salt and pepper.

Slightly stirring, pour in the cream, spreading over the entire surface. Sprinkle with salt again, cover and refrigerate. After a couple of hours, the product is ready for consumption.

Red caviar with citrus and basil

A variant of salting red caviar with citrus and basil is cooked for about three hours. But then it will be happy to be eaten by both adults and children. Especially it will appeal to true gourmets, as well as all lovers of fish delicacies. You will need a pound of perfect refined caviar, two large spoons with a top of salt, half a cup of high-quality vegetable oil, a spoon of granulated sugar, juice of one lime, white pepper and a sprig of basil.

Properly prepare the product in the glass, for which use a glass jar with an airtight lid. It spawn caviar, pouring on top of citrus juice and oil. Pouring pepper, salt and sugar, gently mix and sprinkle with chopped greens. The jar is closed and placed in the cold for three hours.


Caviar product of red fish is often sold frozen. In this case, cooking consists in proper defrosting, cleaning and salting caviar. To keep the eggs whole, they are thawed gradually, first placed on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. When the product is thawed, it is peeled, washed and prepared for further use. Prepare in the same way as raw, with the only difference that thawed caviar is a more tender product.

For 500 grams of a delicacy base, take two liters of drinking water, half a glass of salt, two large spoons of sunflower oil, and sugar on the tip of a knife. On medium heat, a liter of water is heated to 50 degrees. Dissolve the spices and spawn for a couple of minutes. Then it is removed, folding on a napkin, and the water is poured. Next, prepare a new portion of brine according to the same scheme: heat the water (this time to 40 degrees), dissolve the spices and re-launch the eggs, increasing the time to 15 minutes. The brine is drained, and the eggs are dried on a clean fabric basis and sent to the glass, filled with purified vegetable oil. The fragrant product will be ready in three hours.

Simple and fast

For quick, quick cooking, use the following recipes. Take half a kilogram of caviar, cleaned from films, washed thoroughly. Then put the product in a special dish. Add all other components, gently shake so as not to disrupt the structure of the nuclei and close the airtight lid to prevent air from entering the container. It remains to remove the container in the refrigerator and in two or three hours the product can be eaten.

To cook the caviar with lemon, take a pound of fish product, wash it, clean it properly and fold it into a glass jar. Then sprinkle with a spoonful of salt, and thinly sliced ​​lemon slices are placed on top, sprinkled with 100 grams of vegetable oil, covered and placed in the refrigerator. The dish also refers to fast and ready in two hours.

For long term storage

Fish delicacy made in such a way is stored for several weeks. It is prepared for long storage in a special way. For one kilogram of caviar, you will need three liters of water, a kilogram of salt and sunflower oil to taste. Water is poured into a large container and set on fire. As soon as boils, pour in salt, waiting for complete dissolution, and then cool to a warm state. Peeled caviar is placed in the brine for half an hour. After this time, the brine is drained, and the eggs are carefully laid on the fabric.

Dried kernels irrigated with refined sunflower oil and put in a glass container. Now the main “trick” of the recipe: on top of the jar is sealed with specially designed oiled paper. In the absence of such, take the usual white sheet, soak it with vegetable oil. Over close the usual lids. It turns out canned product.

Asparagus with caviar of pink salmon

If desired, you can cook delicious delicacies, such as asparagus with pink salmon caviar. We will need 400 grams of asparagus, 100 grams of salty caviar of pink salmon, half a cup of chicken broth, the same amount of white dry wine, the yolk of three eggs, a sprig of rosemary, lemon, sprigs of parsley. Asparagus is peeled and cooked, boiling in the usual way in a saucepan. Separately prepare the sauce. The broth is heated by adding dry wine, rosemary and well-pounded egg yolks. Cook until thick sour cream and salt.

The finished asparagus is laid out on plates, poured over the sauce and add a portion of salted caviar of pink salmon. The dish is decorated with half a lemon and greens.

Pink salmon stuffed with caviar and scrambled eggs

For pink salmon, stuffed with cream-nut cream with caviar and scrambled eggs, you will need two fish carcasses, 100 grams of salted caviar, the same amount of sour cream, three chicken eggs, two tablespoons of flour, saplings of pine nuts without husk, half a cup of dry wine, dill sprigs, sunflower oil and salt. Fish carcass thawed, washed, irrigated with wine and rubbed with salt. Allowed to soak and fried in oil on both sides until golden brown.

Separately prepare an omelet. To do this, break the eggs, rubbing them with a whisk. Pour the flour, salt. Bake in a hot skillet like pancakes. In the finished omelet impose caviar and roll rolls. Beautifully laid out on the dish. Finished carcasses of fish are stuffed with sour cream, mixed with pine nuts, and spread on a plate with omelet rolls, decorated with dill. The dish can be consumed chilled.

Pink salmon caviar paste

Delicious paste of pink salmon caviar can be spread on croutons and bread. It is prepared simply. Take 150 grams of salted caviar, a little salt, four boiled eggs. Add half a cup of sunflower oil, lemon juice and one onion. First clean the boiled eggs and separate the proteins from the yolks. Onions finely chopped, mixed with yolks, caviar, vegetable oil and salt. The resulting composition whisk whisk.

When excessive density diluted with a small amount of cold boiled water. Then everything is sent to the refrigerator, cooled for half an hour. The finished dish is stored no more than two days. Pate goes well with sandwiches.

With the help of simple tips, get acquainted with the subtleties of the selection process, preparation and preparation of fish caviar.

  • When buying a pink salmon, do not look at its size. Caviar is often found in small fish, as they are female.
  • Store the finished product exclusively in glass or ceramic dishes at a temperature not lower than -4 degrees Celsius. The shelf life of the fresh salted product should not exceed two days. Therefore, try to cook in small portions, but constantly, so that the stock of delicacy does not dry out.
  • Before serving as sandwiches and snacks, salted caviar can be flavored with fruit or regular vinegar and unscented sunflower oil. This marinade should be absorbed, then the dish will become even more tasty.
  • When preparing and purifying caviar from the shell, try not to lower it into strongly heated water for a long time, otherwise its protein will harden and become tasteless.

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