Peking duck with delivery

Peking duck with delivery. Restaurant “Peking Duck

Opening hours: daily, from 12.00 to 21.00

Delivery areas: all areas of Moscow, Khimki, Sheremetyevo, Zelenograd

Delivery terms: free with a minimum order of 1500 rubles.

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You can visit the Middle Kingdom and not climb the Great Wall, but do not try Peking duck – simply unthinkable, because this national dish is the pride of the country. But it is not at all necessary to go so far beyond the gourmet duck: the food of the imperial Yuan dynasty is included in the menu of most Chinese restaurants around the world, including Russia. The first Moscow restaurant, whose name – “Peking Duck” – is in tune with the main dish on the menu, opened on Tverskaya in 2001. In the interior there are pronounced compositions on a Chinese theme: walls and ceilings painted with hieroglyphs, cozy screens and original lamps, an abundance of wooden decoration. Later, having won the recognition of gourmets, “Peking Duck” opened the doors to the inhabitants of Rublevka, Khimki and Vernadsky Avenue. Each institution has its own unique flavor, but in any of them it is beautiful, cozy and calm. This is a good place for leisurely communication, relaxing with your family, as well as a festive event. In addition, food delivered from the restaurant can be ordered at home. The varied menu features Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisines, and their list is steadily growing.

Chinese cuisine

In the Chinese menu – dishes from three provinces – Sichuan, Shandun and northern Beijing. Among the most famous delicacies are a fragrant duck in various variations – crispy, Sichuan, with asparagus and, of course, the “nail of the program” – Beijing. Not less attention should be paid to: corporate carp in sweet and sour sauce, fried dumplings with pork; tofu with bamboo and mushrooms; guanjouski pies; Shandun-style lamb; egg and fungal noodles with various fillings. For dessert, you can eat caramelized fruit.

Japanese food

In the Japanese section – the traditional versions of sushi, rolls and sashimi, and even – several types of sushi in the form of a cube, prepared by pressing using special wooden forms. There are also such samples of Japanese cuisine as soba noodles and udon, salmon in teriyaki sauce, baked eel on rice, fried king prawns, soups and salads. As for Thai cuisine, a team of chefs from Bangkok helped to master its secrets of the “Peking Duck”. The most popular dishes of Thailand appeared in the menu, however, without excessive exoticism and spiciness: beef in Thai, chicken with cashews, noodles with pork and shrimps, soup Tom Yam Kum. Also in the range – cakes, pastries, pastries and drinks. Order food delivery from the restaurant on the site.

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Peking duck is the most famous dish. His recipe has been around for about seven centuries. It is believed that the birthplace of dishes is Shandong Province. It was there that in 1330, physician and nutritionist Hu Sihui, who was responsible for the nutrition and health of the emperor, published a Peking duck recipe in his work The Essential Principles of Nutrition. Since then, the dish is one of the most popular not only in China, but throughout the world.

What is the secret of Peking duck taste?

If you follow all the traditions of cooking this dish, the Peking duck turns out juicy and not greasy, tender, covered with red crisp.

And the recipe is pretty simple. First of all, it is necessary to prepare the meat, but it must of course be white: rinse, make cuts, rinse with boiling water. Next, marinate the meat in sherry with honey, salt. Cooking a duck should be covered with foil in an oven heated to 190 degrees for an hour. After we grease the duck with honey, seasoning, oil and soy sauce sauce and put it back in the oven for 25 minutes at maximum temperature. Peking duck in amazing crisp is ready! You can serve it as a separate dish or with a side dish: vegetables, rice.

Where can I eat Peking duck in Moscow?

Of course, this can be done in many restaurants that specialize in Chinese cuisine. However, you can also evaluate this dish in a restaurant that offers not only a Chinese menu, but also a European, Indian, Mexican one. So it is. Ours will prepare for you a wonderful Peking duck in accordance with all the traditions of the culinary culture of this state. At your request, the dish can be complemented with side dishes of both Chinese and any other dishes presented in the restaurant.

To enjoy such exquisite taste Peking Duck. We are sure that if you are not yet a fan of this dish, you will definitely become one!

The restaurant was very nice. The cuisine is nourishing, tasty and high in calories. And it is also very oily and sometimes spicy. I liked the hot dishes very much, I especially remember the pork meat stewed with vegetables in a pot, the salad was also very tasty. Interesting and tasty salads, pleasant atmosphere, interesting decoration of the hall.

There was once a very good restaurant, now everything is falling apart, a mess has begun with both quality and service. I never thought that I would write negative reviews about my beloved Peking Duck: (I went to the house and ordered it for several years. Even the apartment was changed during that time, but the favorite restaurant remained. I liked the rich menu, juicy desserts, and that the fish (with very few exceptions) was always the freshest. They ordered home almost every weekend, the courier already knew us well. His vigilant …

As a person who has lived in China for some time, I can say that there is no normal Chinese cuisine left in Moscow. But hybrid establishments are the worst that is. Japanese and Chinese cuisines differ incredibly. In the “hybrids” always do not know how to cook anything. If we take the usual Peking duck, then the duck has a different taste, the sauce has a completely different taste. In China, the cook cuts a duck in front of you, and do not bring warmed duck pieces. Tastes have nothing to do with the original. Clueless mockery …

We went with business partners to a business lunch. Were in “Peking Duck” on Vernadsky Ave. in “Capitol”. The advantages of this institution is not in the refined Chinese cuisine, as you might think. But rather in the interiors – elegant carved (made of wood) screens and panels. And this, in fact, all that they can boast. We took a different kind of noodles with pork, mushrooms, some tofu cubes with mushrooms in a gravy, and something else. The food turned out to be rather fresh, without specific Asian seasonings, tastes and aromas …

Were in a restaurant on Tverskaya 15.09.2012. I liked everything very much. Salads, of course, are primitive, but duck dishes are unmatched. Tasty, beautiful, the waitress correctly explained the features of the Sichuan duck. We were satisfied with everything, but I find it difficult to please. Thanks for all. Keep it up!

Good for dinner, very cozy and quiet, you can quietly spend time and have a tasty meal 🙂 A

colorful place where you can relax with friends. The atmosphere is “bright”, so the mood, respectively, becomes brighter and more positive. Also excellent food and service.

I love the restaurant “Peking duck”. I like everything – interior, service and, of course, delicious and high-quality food. Prices are moderate, no more, no less. After a visit to this place is always a great mood. In general, I advise everyone.

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