The 10 Best Restaurants in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The 10 Best Restaurants in Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Geronimo (Nearby hotels)
  • Jumbo Cafe (Nearby hotels)
  • Kakawa Chocolate House (Nearby hotels)
  • Pascual’s Cafe (Nearby hotels)
  • Doctor’s Field Product Kitchen (nearby hotels)
  • Sazon (Nearby hotels)
  • Pantry (Nearby hotels)
  • Tune-Up Cafe (Nearby hotels)
  • Radish and Paradise (Nearby hotels)
  • Dosa Paper (Nearby hotels)

Sante Fe, New Mexico , is not only home to great Mexican and Southwestern cuisine, but also to a variety of restaurants serving ethnic and American dishes. The cuisine in Santa Fe, from curry to seafood and burrito, is as unique as the city itself. You won’t be hungry when you visit these top restaurants in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Geronimo (Nearby hotels)

A local favorite, Geronimo serves gourmet dishes in Santa Fe. The most popular appetizer in the restaurant is salmon tenderloin with calf cherry, but the menu at Geronimo also has seafood and vegetarian dishes. Although Geronimo is considered the perfect dining room for Santa Fe, its southwestern atmosphere still shines through Kiva fireplaces and adobe walls.

Jumbo Cafe

Jumbo Cafe (Nearby hotels)

Jumbo Cafe brings African and Caribbean cuisine to this New Mexico city. Santa Fe is not known for its ethnic food, but after you try rabbit fish, Kenyan beef kebab or coconut lentil soup, you will quickly realize that Jambo Cafe deserves a place on this list. Jambo Cafe’s cuisine is so good that it even got Food Network’s attention, as it was featured at Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives for goat and roti stews.

Kakawa chocolate house

Kakawa Chocolate House (Nearby hotels)

Chocolate lovers should head to Kakawa Chocolate House, the Santa Fe dessert shop, which has plenty of delicious mouth-watering chocolate treats. Cake, truffles, cakes, hot chocolate, candy bars and caramel are all made here. This is not always the case when the dessert store makes a list of the “ best restaurants”, however locals and tourists cannot get enough sweet desserts found here.

Cafe Pascual

Pascual’s Cafe (Nearby hotels)

This list of the best restaurants in Santa Fe would not be complete unless you mention Mexican food from Pasqual’s Cafe. Pasqual Cafe is a classic Mexican diner in Santa Fe that has been attracting visitors for decades. Mexican dishes prevail, from enchiladas to burritos, but you will also find Asian and American dishes such as Thai curry and buffalo burger. Pasqual’s Cafe is also a popular breakfast spot. You will want to order huevos barbacoa or chorizo ​​burrito to start your day off.

Doctor Field Products Kitchen

Doctor’s Field Product Kitchen (nearby hotels)

The best cooking food found in Dr. Field Goods Kitchen. American dishes like hamburgers, pizza and sandwiches are all on the menu here. However, what distinguishes this gastropub from other American food establishments is that Dr. Field Goods Kitchen is a truly farming establishment. Only the freshest ingredients are used here. Bread is baked daily, meat is extracted locally, and products are obtained from local farms. Along with a great beer menu, this laid-back snack bar is a must when you crave hamburgers and beer in Santa Fe.


Sazon (Nearby hotels)

Farm-to-table Mexican dishes are served in Sazon. Daily special offers should not be ignored, however, the main menu items that should be considered while tacos with a pork belly or something served with one of the signature moles. The menu here is small, but you do not need much choice when everything is fine. Combine your choice with a tequila or mezcal cocktail.


Pantry (Nearby hotels)

The pantry has been a fan favorite in Santa Fe for over 50 years. This family-run diner serves comfort food with a new Mexican flash. Menu items range from stick to your ribs classics such as fried chicken to Mexican favorites such as huevos rancheros, tacos and burritos. The pantry is a popular breakfast spot for locals and hungover tourists. The menu here has something to offer and will not break the bank.

Tune-up cafe

Tune-Up Cafe (Nearby hotels)

This bustling cafe offers a casual atmosphere with an eclectic menu. American, Mexican and Salvadoran dishes can be found at Tune-Up Café. The Tune-Up Café, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, is sure to fill you, regardless of the time of day. The menu of this cafe from hamburgers to tacos does not skimp on variety. If you’re looking for a great place to have a brunch in Santa Fe, Tune-Up Cafe serves weekend brunch.

Radish and rye

Radish and Paradise (Nearby hotels)

Santa Fe bourbon lovers will love Radish & Rye, a southern-style diner that offers the best bourbon in town. Enjoy a whiskey cocktail with one of the restaurant’s southern dishes, such as fried trout or even a bowl of gumbo. In Radish & Rye you will find more than 100 varieties of American whiskey, so you are sure to find your next favorite whiskey here.

Dosa Paper

Dosa Paper (Nearby hotels)

Paper Dosa offers some of the best Indian food in Santa Fe. Vegetarian cuisine here will even make predators want a second serving. If you want to treat yourself to a meat dish, then shrimp with curry or lamb is an excellent choice. You should not visit Paper Dosa without tasting Paper Dosa, which is a thin, crunchy, crepe-like dish that is served with potato masala and dipped in various chutneys.


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